Tidy Repo: Ausgewählte WordPress PlugIns

Ein Mangel an PlugIns besteht bei WordPress nicht, es besteht eher das Problem, die wirklich guten PlugIns zu finden. Jay Hoffmann bietet hier mit Tidy Repo eine Hilfe an:

Tidy Repo was borne out of my frustration with trying to find quality plugins. Being able to extend WordPress is what makes it so powerful, but wading through a sea of unmaintained, deprecated and unusable plugins is not fun. And it’s often too late that you discover a plugin conflicts with your theme or other plugins.

Folgende Anforderungen muss ein PlugIn erfüllen, bevor es in das Verzeichnis aufgenommen wird:

  • I’ve tested the plugin on a live WordPress install, with the wonderful WP Test loaded in, on different themes, and with other plugins also installed.
  • Plugins are run through the Plugin Performance Profiler and assessed for performance.
  • The plugin is more or less actively maintained, and has been updated in the last six months to a year, depending on it’s functionality
  • Plugin authors provide a level of support consummate with the complexity of the plugin

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