How we failed the PHP brand

Da hat Marco durchaus recht, die ständige Verwendung von PHP in den Namen von Programmen, die nichts mit PHP weiter zu tun haben, außer in PHP geschrieben zu sein schadet PHP:

The Guy Who Stands To Lose His Job If The Company Switches From Java To PHP has become smart enough to do a search for security vulnerabilities for the word “PHP” and come up with dozens of reports on applications whose name contains the word “PHP.”

This is, I believe, a major point of failure for the PHP community. As many have pointed out to me more than once (not that I had anything to do with it, or that I would be able to do anything about it), allowing PHP-related applications to contain the word “PHP” is a major mistake, because it dilutes the value of the brand itself by allowing the quality of PHP to be associated with the value of products that have nothing to do with PHP proper.

Hat da einer “PHP-Nuke” gesagt? ;)