ClamXav jetzt auch Universal Binary

Die neue Version 1.0.3h von ClamXav ist jetzt ein Universal Binary. Die bisherige Version war PPC-only, teilweise schaffte man es zwar sie unter Rosetta zum Laufen zu bekommen, der Scanner ging dann aber sehr gemütlich an die Arbeit.
Aber auch für PPC-Macs gibt es neues:

ClamAV engine 0.88.2 included
ClamXav, Sentry and engine are all Universal applications
No longer takes 100% cpu on launch, especially in background
Fixed bugs which caused vast majority of ClamXav Sentry crashes
ClamXav Sentry now thread-safe meaning fewer crashes and zombies
Drag and drop works correctly on Dock/Finder icon
Update virus definitions directly from ClamXav Sentry menu
ClamXav Sentry uses ignore/include list in ClamXav’s prefs
ClamXav Sentry honours the “scan/don’t scan email files” option
Rearranged ClamXav Sentry menu
ClamXav Sentry option to quarantine/trash infected files immediately
Trash option is “silent”
Option to open log file automatically after scheduled scan/update
Added “Launch ClamXav Sentry” item under ClamXav menu
Additional command line arguments can be specified in ClamXav prefs
Fixed “file not found error” after each scan
ClamXav check-mail option works properly again
More obvious warnings about deleting/quarantining email
Documentation now included within the application, not just online