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More Internet…(v1.2)

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"What is More Internet?"

More Internet is a System Preferences pane that uses Internet Config to allow you to choose which applications are set as helpers for internet protocols (i.e. which application will be chosen to handle which URL.)

Apple's own Internet Preference Pane only allows you to set Mail and Web applications - More Internet allows you to change (or add/remove) any of the internet protocols.

It performs the same function as the "protocol helpers" pane in Microsoft's Internet Explorer's preferences.

Universal Binary

More Internet is a Universal Binary.

More Internet is localised in French (thanks to Sylvain Tutusaus) and Dutch (thanks to Jan).

If you find that an application suddenly stops being accepted as a helper app, which used to work fine, your LaunchServices database may need rebuilding. This is a bug in LaunchServices.

(Alternate Download: mirror 1.)

More Internet is freeware. However, if you find it useful, and are very kind, you may want to donate a small amount to me....

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